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Tony Eppstein's Biographical Notes

Tony Eppstein

I grew up in New Zealand and now live on the northern coast of California. I started to photograph my world when I was about 10 years old using a simple Kodak box camera. My love of photography has continued to grow throughout my life, as has the complexity of my equipment and currently (2008) I work entirely in the digital realm.

My work has appeared in various U.S. and New Zealand magazines, on a cover of a Stanford University Annual Financial Report,in product marketing brochures and is in U.S. and overseas collections. I consider my most important work to be images showing the foundations of the natural world, those parts of nature that are often overlooked. I enjoy exploring the formal patterns these natural details often make.

Other major photographic interests of mine are portraiture and still-life.

There are several collections of my work on display that I hope you will view. For a description of the work on show, please proceed to the Gallery Entrance

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