Maureen Eppstein's Poetry Collections.

Poems in these collections have been published in various literary journals. You are welcome to quote from them, but please ask permission first.


Ambivalent Exile

I was born in New Zealand. Early in my life I became aware that the cultural reference point for the people around me was the British Isles from which their parents or grandparents had emigrated. I in turn emigrated from New Zealand, and now live in California. These poems explore what it is like for me to be an immigrant, completely at home neither in my adopted country nor in the country of my birth.



Pattern in the Sand

I have learned from the great naturalist-poets that to sit quietly and observe a bug or a flower can take me into a world rich with meaning.


A Power Like Sunrise

Everything is connected. The elements that make up our bodies are interchangeable with the elements that make up rocks and trees. To understand this is to have a spiritual insight of shattering power.



Words Unsaid

A brief encounter with a stranger, a sudden flash of memory can yield insights that transform our lives.


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Updated: March 25, 1998