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The three rooms described below contain collections of Tony Eppstein's fine art photography. Enter an exhibition by clicking on one of the images below. The exhibitions change from time to time, so please come back regularly.

Current Exhibitions Are:

Where Memory Stays Gallery EntranceWhere Memory Stays:These formal patterns of nature have become for me the places where memory stays.
Irish Images Gallery EntranceIrish Images:Evidence of man's ancient presence may be found throughout the Irish countryside.
Aotearoa Gallery EntranceAotearoa:New Zealand images away from the beaten path.

All images in the galleries are available for sale. Please contact me to get pricing and delivery information. Send an email to
tony (at)

The gallery images are in moderately large files, and so they may take a little time to download. They are also best viewed on a high resolution monitor set to display millions of colors. Please note that all the images are copyrighted.

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Updated: May, 2008